Finding A Hummer Limo in Washington DC for Renting!

When looking to make a statement in the entertainment industry today, a huge number of people are choosing Gemini Limo Service in Washington DC for the corporate limo service, wedding limo service, prom, birthday, sports events and many more, in the fleet they have hummer limousine for specialized categories. Anyway the cause behind renting, there are several interesting factors in the choice of a limousine style. These limos definitely make a statement about the financial success of the occupants. With the roomy seats and sleek paint jobs, just sitting in one can make the occupants feel like royalty. Add to that the experience of having a driver available to whisk the passengers away at just the nod of a head and the evening is complete. With the brilliant colors that are available there is sure to be one that pleases every taste, but yellow, white and black seem to be in the highest demand. Choosing a bright color makes standing out inevitable, even on the congested highways of Washington DC. The H2 Hummer limo is a curious combination of heavy duty, rugged toughness and super sleek limousine luxury. Indeed a strange combination, but it works. It is very interesting and quite attractive; certainly way out and unusual; a real head turner. It remains still rather chunky and strong looking, rather like a sumo wrestler in a tuxedo! The Hummer H2 was originally designed after the style of the US military Humvee, and was then converted into a still tough but more elegant civilian. General Motors was the originator of the Hummer, and the Hummer H2 made its appearance on the market in 2003, when it was nominated ‘North American Truck of the Year’. It has since been sold and now the Hummer brand is owned by a Chinese company, Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery. The H2 Hummer is the ideal off road vehicle. It has 25cm clearance above the ground, an armoured under body and can go over most terrain without getting stuck. It has a wider than usual track, which helps prevent overturning. It has all-wheel drive and low-range gearing for off-road driving as well as ABS, traction control and anti skid devices. The luxury features include leather upholstery and heated seats, air conditioning with climate control, a wireless cell phone link, sound system with CD player with 6 disk changing capacity, as well as any number of optional extras. The option of having a bar fully stocked with favorite snacks and drinks can make any occasion more memorable. For friends visiting from out of town, a night time drive through LA while catching up and sipping drinks can be the perfect night out. No loud music to compete with the conversation and they will still get to see the major attractions of the city. A moonlit drive down the coast is a popular romantic favorite. Having a designated driver on hand is not only convenient, it is socially responsible. With the limousine rental a driver is available to take the customer and all of their friends from bar to bar without their having to worry over finding a taxi or calling a friend. It also makes parking a breeze as they are just dropped off at the door and then picked up when ready to leave. When searching for a Hummer limo in Washington DC, the internet is a great tool. Several different companies are immediately available and many provide rates on their sites. If decals being visible is an issue a phone call is most likely in order to find out if they offer any vehicles that are unmarked. The price on those vehicles will usually be higher as the companies will have to compensate for the lack of advertising. For Renting a hummer limo in Washington DC and surrounding areas at affordable cost, the only one name is coming in my mind that is Gemini Limo Service for web presence visit @ or call to them at 1800-515-0076


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