Qualities of a Professional Limo Chauffeur!

There are a huge number of drivers fail to pass for a limo chauffeur every year. It is a profession that requires many skills to succeed. Driving is primary and irreplaceable skill. However, it is not enough. There are much more qualities that a good chauffeur must posses and learn to become a professional qualified limo chauffeur.

A limo driving is not the same deal as driving a cab or a school bus. For becoming a limo driver, the person should learn many things to fit into the standard of luxury transportation. It will help you with your employee and will set the standards of the service you provide to your customer. Also, after getting the positive response for a chauffeur driving and service to the customers, the company will reward him/her with higher earnings.

A good professional chauffeur will always treat the client with respect and treat the client’s wishes as a top priority. Our main goal should be arranged a perfect trip for our customers as we can do. That includes the temperatures in the limousine, the type of the drinks includes or the style of the music that is playing. Small details will definitely make a difference. However, sometimes the wishes of the client must not be fulfilled. If the client asks you to go over the speed limit or do any other illegal mover, the driver must not obey. Safety of the client is more important than couple of minutes of saved time.

After the limo chauffeur learns how to serve the customer with top priority and respect he/she can start looking deeper into the short but important relationship between the customer and the chauffeur. The driver must learn how to read the customer without asking. However, this skill comes with experience and years. The chauffeur should be well known about the areas and localities; he should not have to ask to the customers where he wants to go!

Take a look at the essential skills that a good limousine chauffeur must posses. It applies both for the experienced chauffeur as well as for the beginners.

– Always introduce yourself. If you are on a long run or a charter, give the client your cell phone number.

– Always open the door for the customer. If there is luggage, help load the luggage.

– Always help disabled people and elderly clients.

– Always dress well. Black/white are the best colors if the company does not tell you otherwise. Dress in a suit or a tuxedo for weddings.

– Clean your car before every run. Get new ice if it melted. Get new drinks if you ran out.

– Be always polite. Address the customer by Mr. or Mrs. and say thank you.

– Be strong and confident. Never act against the law and be in charge every minute of the run.

– Never argue with the client or use profane language.

– Do not talk with a phone with a client in the car. However, if you must speak with dispatch, make it as short as possible.

– Never ask the customer for direction unless it was specified upon the reservation.

– Never stop for gas or to make a bathroom break.

– Never act against you company. Do not complaint to the customer about your job.

– Act as a salesman. If the client asks you about your work, your job is to sell the company and yourself to the client.

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