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Why Need Corporate Limo Service for Your Business

Corporate an industry of glamour, a industry for showing the status, so hiring a corporate limo service could give you the advantage when it comes to impressing your associates. We all know the first impression is definitely the last impression. Corporate Limo Service are comparatively expensive but it increases your chances of creating a positively image about yourself and your business. You’ll really notice the difference in the behavior of your clients when you hire executive limos or business limos.

Even after paying a huge amount of money, many business travelers traveling around different countries often complain of very poor transport services. For renting the business limos for a fixed time period helps the travelers to bargain for the prices with the limousine operatives and companies do not need to look for vehicles in an emergency. If you have a client from another country visiting your office, you can send a corporate limo to pick him up from the airport. This assures your professionalism and focus on client comfort and satisfaction. Client satisfaction is the main business goal of entrepreneur. Even when you have to reach a client location, hiring an executive transportation makes sense as it eliminates the stress of driving and traveling. When a professional chauffeur wait for you on time, you will feel less stressed about the journey, and the luxury and comfort of a limousine will ensure that you arrive at your destination looking and feeling fresh and ready to work.

Gemini Limo Service is a Maryland based limousine company, serving the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and surrounding areas. Gemini Limo Service corporate limo fleet includes a range of stretch limousines and luxury sedans that are fully equipped with the most sophisticated amenities. Gemini Limo Service provides door to door service to and from any airport, or Washington DC. Gemini Limo Service offers a variety of vehicles to accommodate you and your guests’ transportation needs. A properly well dressed, well trained chauffeur will help you assist with luggage, and get you to your destination on time, safely, and worry free. When requested in advance, Gemini Limo Service can arrange for a greeter to meet arriving clients, friends, or family inside the airport terminal. With a state of the art Livery System, Gemini Limo Service can book and confirm trips, track flights, and receive information and receipts electronically via the internet, minimizing errors.

By providing extra ordinary limousine service for the corporate sector through the years, Gemini Limo Service has gained the insight and experience to satisfy clients’ expectations of a corporate transportation company. Gemini Limo Service caters to individual or large groups of clients, for road shows, seminars, business meetings, or any occasion or event that may arise in a truly professional manner. Establishing a corporate account will allow Gemini Limo Service to marshal efforts even more efficiently to apply high standards of service to clients’ executive transportation needs. Gemini Limo Service boasts the latest in livery software that allows dispatchers and reservation agents to set up corporate accounts and instantly send e-mail or fax confirmations to clients.

Limo fleet consists of SUV’s, sedans, stretch limousines, luxury limos, mini buses, limo buses, charter buses, and mini-coaches will meet all your corporate transportation requirements. Gemini Limo Service has gained the insight and experience to satisfy client’s expectations of a Gemini Limo Service. For more information on our packages or details please visit us at or call 1800-515-0076


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Qualities of a Professional Limo Chauffeur!

There are a huge number of drivers fail to pass for a limo chauffeur every year. It is a profession that requires many skills to succeed. Driving is primary and irreplaceable skill. However, it is not enough. There are much more qualities that a good chauffeur must posses and learn to become a professional qualified limo chauffeur.

A limo driving is not the same deal as driving a cab or a school bus. For becoming a limo driver, the person should learn many things to fit into the standard of luxury transportation. It will help you with your employee and will set the standards of the service you provide to your customer. Also, after getting the positive response for a chauffeur driving and service to the customers, the company will reward him/her with higher earnings.

A good professional chauffeur will always treat the client with respect and treat the client’s wishes as a top priority. Our main goal should be arranged a perfect trip for our customers as we can do. That includes the temperatures in the limousine, the type of the drinks includes or the style of the music that is playing. Small details will definitely make a difference. However, sometimes the wishes of the client must not be fulfilled. If the client asks you to go over the speed limit or do any other illegal mover, the driver must not obey. Safety of the client is more important than couple of minutes of saved time.

After the limo chauffeur learns how to serve the customer with top priority and respect he/she can start looking deeper into the short but important relationship between the customer and the chauffeur. The driver must learn how to read the customer without asking. However, this skill comes with experience and years. The chauffeur should be well known about the areas and localities; he should not have to ask to the customers where he wants to go!

Take a look at the essential skills that a good limousine chauffeur must posses. It applies both for the experienced chauffeur as well as for the beginners.

– Always introduce yourself. If you are on a long run or a charter, give the client your cell phone number.

– Always open the door for the customer. If there is luggage, help load the luggage.

– Always help disabled people and elderly clients.

– Always dress well. Black/white are the best colors if the company does not tell you otherwise. Dress in a suit or a tuxedo for weddings.

– Clean your car before every run. Get new ice if it melted. Get new drinks if you ran out.

– Be always polite. Address the customer by Mr. or Mrs. and say thank you.

– Be strong and confident. Never act against the law and be in charge every minute of the run.

– Never argue with the client or use profane language.

– Do not talk with a phone with a client in the car. However, if you must speak with dispatch, make it as short as possible.

– Never ask the customer for direction unless it was specified upon the reservation.

– Never stop for gas or to make a bathroom break.

– Never act against you company. Do not complaint to the customer about your job.

– Act as a salesman. If the client asks you about your work, your job is to sell the company and yourself to the client.

Allen Pradhan invites you to travel with Gemini Limo Service. Gemini Limo Service is the leading chauffeured limousine service provider in the Washington DC and Virginia Areas. We offer DC Limo Service with luxury sedans, stretch limousines, SUVs, limo and party buses. Call today and book your dream Limo service in Washington DC with Gemini Limo Service!

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Finding A Hummer Limo in Washington DC for Renting!

When looking to make a statement in the entertainment industry today, a huge number of people are choosing Gemini Limo Service in Washington DC for the corporate limo service, wedding limo service, prom, birthday, sports events and many more, in the fleet they have hummer limousine for specialized categories. Anyway the cause behind renting, there are several interesting factors in the choice of a limousine style. These limos definitely make a statement about the financial success of the occupants. With the roomy seats and sleek paint jobs, just sitting in one can make the occupants feel like royalty. Add to that the experience of having a driver available to whisk the passengers away at just the nod of a head and the evening is complete. With the brilliant colors that are available there is sure to be one that pleases every taste, but yellow, white and black seem to be in the highest demand. Choosing a bright color makes standing out inevitable, even on the congested highways of Washington DC. The H2 Hummer limo is a curious combination of heavy duty, rugged toughness and super sleek limousine luxury. Indeed a strange combination, but it works. It is very interesting and quite attractive; certainly way out and unusual; a real head turner. It remains still rather chunky and strong looking, rather like a sumo wrestler in a tuxedo! The Hummer H2 was originally designed after the style of the US military Humvee, and was then converted into a still tough but more elegant civilian. General Motors was the originator of the Hummer, and the Hummer H2 made its appearance on the market in 2003, when it was nominated ‘North American Truck of the Year’. It has since been sold and now the Hummer brand is owned by a Chinese company, Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery. The H2 Hummer is the ideal off road vehicle. It has 25cm clearance above the ground, an armoured under body and can go over most terrain without getting stuck. It has a wider than usual track, which helps prevent overturning. It has all-wheel drive and low-range gearing for off-road driving as well as ABS, traction control and anti skid devices. The luxury features include leather upholstery and heated seats, air conditioning with climate control, a wireless cell phone link, sound system with CD player with 6 disk changing capacity, as well as any number of optional extras. The option of having a bar fully stocked with favorite snacks and drinks can make any occasion more memorable. For friends visiting from out of town, a night time drive through LA while catching up and sipping drinks can be the perfect night out. No loud music to compete with the conversation and they will still get to see the major attractions of the city. A moonlit drive down the coast is a popular romantic favorite. Having a designated driver on hand is not only convenient, it is socially responsible. With the limousine rental a driver is available to take the customer and all of their friends from bar to bar without their having to worry over finding a taxi or calling a friend. It also makes parking a breeze as they are just dropped off at the door and then picked up when ready to leave. When searching for a Hummer limo in Washington DC, the internet is a great tool. Several different companies are immediately available and many provide rates on their sites. If decals being visible is an issue a phone call is most likely in order to find out if they offer any vehicles that are unmarked. The price on those vehicles will usually be higher as the companies will have to compensate for the lack of advertising. For Renting a hummer limo in Washington DC and surrounding areas at affordable cost, the only one name is coming in my mind that is Gemini Limo Service for web presence visit @ or call to them at 1800-515-0076

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Wedding Limo Service in Washington DC

The momentum that might want to seize admiration and high esteem don’t start at the outset of the bride’s ascending the stairs and how she could possibly pose on that day in a wedding place.
Sharing a special moment in a big, fancy professionally driven car can be extraordinary. Most people might want to experience toasting champagne glasses in a chauffeured Gemini Limo Service that had long ago established the symbol of comfort, power, and wealth inside and out of the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Fantasists, who can hardly afford to own one, go for a Gemini Limo Airport Limo rental service which is fairly within their means. Most people who have tasted being treated like celebrities or royalties could mark such experience as one of their unforgettable encounters.

Gemini Limo offers limo service in Washington DC and surrounding areas. Washington DC is one of the most visited cities in the world and our Cheap Limo service do whatever it takes to make our client happy. We are providing the best kind of service which is simple and affordable. We offer our limousines at extremely low rates to allow everyone to make a comfortable journey. Our fleets consists of Luxury Sedans, limousines and passenger Vans.

Once a particular preference is had, the client must book the vehicle with the company of his choice, so that wealth-icon Gemini Limo Service car could now be reserved in his favor. At least three hours before experiencing the much awaited remarkable ride with a luxurious DC Limo service, call the company again to ensure promptness of service.
Gemini Limo Service is a company which provides all types of ground transportation services in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and surrounding areas.

Renting a Gemini Limo Service for some special occasions like wedding, birthday, spots event, Proms, and other parties of sort, is one; and choosing the right DC Airport transportation Service to cater certain needs is another. The price or cost of the rental is on top of the list to consider; second is the kind of service offered. Are there any things to contemplate on before finally calling your favorite car rental service? There are concerns equally important to mull over.
What can a Gemini Limo Service do to exude all the beauty of Venus or Aphrodite? Using a Gemini Limo Service to Washington DC Airport Limousine as a bridal car does not alone connote as an added spice, but a completion of the much awaited occasion of life – the wedding. Initially from taking the step board of the DC Airport Limousine car, the bride is given the queen- like treatment by the distinctive decorations and amenities the luxury car has to offer. The bliss has started flowing until the bridal coupe eventually stops; and the tuxedo ed chauffeur, whose hands are neatly covered by white gloves, gently opens the back door for the bride.

Wedding Limo Service in Washington DC

What an introductory ceremony it is to have such a luxurious experience! One might not need to own a Gemini Limo Service to go through this. There is DC Limo service companies that offer an excellent service for a reasonable price. The partners need only to think of what color would match their motif. There are varieties of Gemini Limo Service cars that someone could choose from- whether he wants one with a hot tub or a simple arrogance to squeeze up the wedding moment.
There are varieties of Gemini Limo Service for hire in the online and offline market. Identifying specific need shall perfectly lead to pinning down the genre to suit one’s choice. Determine what kind of occasion the Gemini Limo Service will be used for. Would it be for airport transport service, weddings, friends’ night outs, birthday parties, Proms, holiday trips, concerts, meetings with colleagues or clients, and particular dealings?

Gemini Limo is Luxury Sedan, Limousine and Van Service Provider – We offer DC Limo service, limousine hire services and luxury limo rental at extremely low rates @ or call at 1800-515-0076 without any cost!

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Luxurious Transportation Services at Gemini Limo in Washington DC

Gemini Limo Service is located in Maryland Virginia very close to Washington DC, at Cherry Hill Rd. The Lansdowne Resort is situated near Gemini Limo Service which is the best resort in Virginia, here you can enjoy more than expectations, the people of Maryland and other cities hires the Gemini Limo Service to have some explosive of fun before going to the Resort. The Gemini Limo Service provides the transportation you need at prices, competitive and affordable and according to your budget. Our limousine service drivers are fully professional, waiting to use their knowledge of the Gemini Limo Service, Washington DC and other surrounding areas to make sure you have the best, most enjoyable limousine experience when you are in the national capital and its environs. We have a very large pool of vehicles according to your need, such as stretch limousines, limousine buses, limousine vans, SUVs or luxurious sedan cars in are at your service for anytime by Gemini Limo Service. For a night out, wedding, proms Night, birthday parties, airport transportation or any kind of occasion you need a limo service, there is no better option by the experience of a town car, sedan or stretch limousine as Gemini Limo Service.

Limo Services in Washington DC

Limo Services in Washington DC

DC Limo Service

Gemini Limo Service

With the above occasions services you can celebrate your night with style comfort and elegance, hire a Gemini Limo Service and having fun on board. Wherever you go in Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC area, make sure you book your ground transportation with Gemini Limo. It will be very reliable and luxurious for your transportation and the chauffeur will provide you complete services including the driving which will not be easy if you visit a new place.

In Washington DC and Maryland area, what things are attracted to you like dining or night out of this beautiful part of the country, you will find that you have almost too many options for things to do. Lansdowne Resort, Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia all have a rich culture and diverse dining nightlife. Take advantages of our Gemini Limo Services to experience for nightlife in the Maryland and Washington area in both luxury and comfort. Take a look of our affordable packages for limousine service and book your comfortable limo for your outstanding trip.

At Gemini Limo Service, it is our goal to provide our clients with an exceptional chauffeured service each and every time. Gemini Limo Service’s commitment to an excellent car service operation is driven by two simple standards: maintaining a lineup of the latest model luxury vehicles and selecting experienced and professional chauffeurs to manage our fleets of luxury vehicles.

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Limo Service Factors for Concerning!

There are several circumstances for taking limo service. They are mostly rented during special occasion like proms, weddings, business travel or when you attend extra-special parties. However, you need to cheap-in for Limo rental services as the costs can be quite high. The number of hours is also limited when you rent a limousine. Of course, the prices and offers vary depending on the car company that you rented your limo from.

This article talks about the costs of limousine rental services. Find out more about its price by reading the sections below.

DC Limo Service in Washington

The Basis of Limousine Rental Prices

There are lots of factors for the costing of limousine service.

  • The time of the year at which you are going to rent it may affect the price. You can expect peak seasons to have higher rates for limo prices and you can anticipate for much lower costs during the non-peak days.
  • The type of limo may also vary the costs of your limo rental. If you are about to rent a brand new limousine, you can only expect for much higher prices. The better the quality, the higher the price of the limousine.
  • The time of the week at which you’re going to rent a limo may also affect the price. Usually, Sundays and Saturdays are subject to higher prices. On the other hand, weekdays have lower prices for limo rental services.
  • The area which you live in may also affect the price of the limousine rental. If you live in grand cities like New York or Paris, the prices for car rentals could be quite high. But if you rent from the countryside, you can get cheaper rates for limousine rentals.
  • The distance traveled for the rental service may also vary the price. If you are going to tour a whole city, then you can expect for higher prices. The type of service may change the costs of the limousine rental service too. More services from the rental shop may mean extra charges on your part.

Extra Costs for Limousine Rental Services

When you rent a limo, you should think about the extra costs of services. You have to look for the chauffeur and you have to spend for the gas as well. The rules of rental services vary from one another. All you have to do is research for the exact costs and compare prices between limo rental companies.

Costs during Peak Seasons

Limo rental services would certainly increase during the following occasions: weddings, proms, night-out, and other special events. Some rental companies have advanced bookings for cheaper rental pay. If you book one year in advance, you can definitely get great discounts

Gemini Limo Service is company in Maryland, caring all above things and providing the dc limo service in Washington, Maryland, Virginia, New York and Columbia as well. So, for booking your cheapest limo with high quality service came at and enjoys the party.

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